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From a Convict to a Convert

(176 pages)

The overwhelming love and grace of God is expressed in this true story of my life. I was raised in a single parent home in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood located in Macon, GA. As a young child, I experienced a lot being in the midst of drugs dealers and drug buyers, alcohol drinkers, and gang members (and affiliates). It was a normal thing to be sexually active at a young age. My mother was a Christian, so hearing about God and going to church was also normal. I heard about JESUS growing up as a young boy and as a teenager but I only knew ‘about’ Him, I didn’t ‘know’ Him personally for myself.


I made a lot of bad choices and became a victim to my environment over the course of time. I began to rebel against my mother and her teachings of God. My life began to fall apart around the age of fourteen and for the next several years I was on a downward spiral to destruction.


One day my two friends and I decided to commit a robbery, which would be the first out of three we committed. We were eventually captured and incarcerated, facing four felony charges each. I was given mercy as I stood before the Judge with great fear in my heart of what he could possibly do to me. My life at that point was in his hands, so I thought. I received ten years, of which I only had to serve four of those years in prison.


While incarcerated my life was interrupted by the most loving, gracious, caring, merciful, beautiful person I know today. What I thought would be the death of me turned out to produce life in the end. In this book I share my transformation “From a Convict to a Convert”.

Psalms of Michael - Volume One

(104 pages)

King David was known for many things, good and bad, but one thing I admire about him is his heart towards God. He was labeled as "a man after God's own heart".


Reading through the Psalms, you see David's ups and downs, but through it all he knew how to praise and worship the one, true God.


It is my prayer that as you read through my psalms (songs) that you learn of Jesus Christ as I share my heart through lyrics that glorify God. These psalms are full of the Word of God. He wants us to be people that are full of His Word as well as obedient to it.


God has given us gifts and talents and He desires that we use them in ways that ultimately glorify Him and not the devil.


Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Colossians 3:17)


...With my song will I praise Him... (Psalms 28:7)